Do you ever dream of running off to join the Circus!? Well we do, which is why we’re sending  guru Aaron Masih off to the App Circus event in Palo Alto tonight!M ore details at the link indoor plant plant pests identification . So…maybe not the type of circus you envisioned, but still just as good---and much more relevant to your everyday lives!

Aaron will be on hand speaking about the power of NMDP to an audience featuring nearly 300 of the world’s most innovative mobile developers, and will also serve on the jury of the event’s Evening Showcase---selecting a winner among 10 cutting-edge apps from top international developers. So to all of our friends and fans in Silicon Valley, come join us and get a peek at the future of the mobile landscape! To register or learn more about the App Circus event in Palo Alto, click .

The Nuance Mobile Developer Program provides mobile developers with unprecedented access to our powerful  Mobile SDK---enabling app creators too quickly and easily speech-enable their own apps in a variety of global languages, including US and UK English, European Spanish, European French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese---as well as TTS capabilities which support more than 35 languages.What is your favorite mobile app from Nuance?? Is it on BlackBerry? Is it  on iOS? Or could it be the awesome new  app on Android? Whichever one it is, we designed and optimized all of our Nuance mobile apps for .

We know you’re busy and you’re not always sitting on your couch at home or stuck in a cube in the office. You’re  and your apps need to be too!! That’s why our apps are available in multiple languages (English, Chinese, French, Italian, German, Japanese and Spanish, just to name a few), have been optimized for noisy environments AND include settings to improve performance when you’re out and about. For example, did you know there is a setting in our  Dictation and apps called “Detect End-of-Speech”? It means that our apps can detect when a user has stopped speaking. Pretty cool huh?? You can always turn it on or off based on where you are, what you’re doing or which setting you prefer. We do recommend manually stopping the recording in noisy environments since the voice recognition may be thrown off by background noise.